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Kratos vs Nightmare

Kratos fights with a very barbaric fighting style similar to how he fights in the God of War series. His movelist is made up of short range attacks as well as long range attacks. The Plume of Prometheus is an excellent combo from short to mid range while the Tartarus Rage combo can easily ground enemies. Some of Kratos' short ranged attacks including the Spartan Jab can catch enemies off-guard due to the fact that Kratos is a slow fighter. He has many attacks that go into his Spartan Ascent, especially the Olympic Ascension which can help Kratos in mid-air combos. Kratos has a variety of Guard Breaking attacks that can allow him to quickly damage opponents. Kratos also uses moves from his series that include: Poseidon's Rage, Atlas Quake, the Icarus Wings and the Blade of Olympus.

Unlike most guest characters who are considered either top or bottom tier, Kratos is regarded to be a mid-tier character, his exceptional range (rivaled only by Zasalamel and Kilik) more than makes up for his slow attack speed.

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