The Katana & Shuriken

This page describes the Katana & Shuriken Battle Style in the game which it appears.

Soulcalibur III

This is the style used by Miser, Jinkai and various Chronicles of the Sword characters. This style appears in the Ninja, Samurai, and Sword Master classes. Both classes must be leveled 10+ times for it to be unlocked.

The character can disappear and appear in the sky, throwing shurikens, or appear in the side of the enemy and others. The shuriken is also used in grabs, for combos, and others. The character that uses this style can easily combo someone because its attacks are fast.

By pressing L2(or ◘+▲ ), one teleports into the air. After doing this, the player can press these buttons again to throw the shuriken as an unblockable; or press ▲ to fall gently and slice; Θ(circle) to fall down spinning; Θ+▲ to fall down, and barrel into his/her opponent. As well, this battle style has several moves that Guard Impact enemy attacks and follow up with special effects if they make contact, such as throwing the Shuriken or teleporting into the air immediately after the Impact.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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