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Ezio uses a variety of weapons consisting of a sword, twin hidden blades with a hidden gun in one of them, a dagger and a crossbow. The sword is mainly used for mid-ranged vertical attacks which are moderately fast, while the hidden blades are mostly used for close-range and horizontal attacks which are very precise. The crossbow is used to distantly damage an enemy and take them to the ground. Ezio also uses his hidden gun which works similarly to Cervantes', but keeps his weapons sheathed when not attacking or defending.

Ezio is generally similar to Raphael in terms of speed, strength and range, though he has fewer evasive moves. Depending on the weapon used, his range varies greatly—from approximately Viola's melee range (basic dagger/hidden blade attacks) to infinite (crossbow and hidden gun). By catching his opponent off-guard, Ezio is capable of harassing from afar with his crossbow, and the knockback may even result in a ring out. Ezio is therefore an extremely versatile fighter, though he does not truly excel at any of the usual ranges, much like Link.

Soul Calibur V 'Ezio Auditore Move Set' TRUE-HD QUALITY03:59

Soul Calibur V 'Ezio Auditore Move Set' TRUE-HD QUALITY

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