Darth Vader vs Cassandra

Darth Vader is a master of the lightsaber fighting style of Djem So. He has slightly slower attacks than other characters, that are focused on dealing damage. He is best played as a defensive attacker who capitalizes aggressively on the opponent's mistakes. His Force Eruption (or Force Cannon) can be chained from different combos, including the Imperial Buster (Imperial Storm if ending with Force Eruption) and Dark Launcher. Vader's Force Parry can end with either a guard-breaking horizontal slash, or an unblockable vertical attack. The Force Hang is another offensive technique where Vader uses the Force to pick his opponent up, allowing Vader to attack the helpless opponent. One of Vader's useful Force-based attacks is the Dark Vortex, which is an extremely fast series of guard-breaking attacks that will always end up penetrating the opponents guard. A lot of his force attacks are fairly easy to learn and execute in battle, and don't take up too much energy.

However, some of his drawbacks include his more effective combos being difficult to learn and his lack of fast low attacks. He is considered by the tournament community as a relatively high tier character largely due to his ring out potential.

SoulCalibur IV PS3 Darth Vader's Command List08:20

SoulCalibur IV PS3 Darth Vader's Command List

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