Barbarian- Is a selectable job in Soul Calibur III for created characters. It's selectable weapons include- Wave Sword, Grieve Edge, Great Sword, Soul of Nightmare, and Soul of Astaroth.

As the name of the job implies, the Barbarian job is mainly a warrior class relying on strength. A barbarian's initial equipment while creating a character seems to look like that the character is a warrior from maybe a northern tribe, wearing furs and having blond hair.

Overall, the Barbarian discipline favors using Zweihanders (which also includes Soul of Nightmare).

"A warrior from the frontier who refuses to rely on modern technology. Crushes the enemy with brute physical strength garnered from nature and has a raw instinct for survival."

Battle Styles Available to Barbarians

Barbarians of Importance

Stats of Barbarian

  • HP: 245
    Barbarian Card
  • STR: 105
  • VIT: 75
  • AGI: 75

Barbarian victory quotes

"Strength is everything!" (male 1/ female 1)

"Those who have forgotten their instincts, are no match for me!" (male 2/ female 2)

"Muuunhaaaaah!" (Man/Woman)

"This is what happens when you forget your instincts." (old man)

"This is what happens when you ignore your animal roots." (old woman)

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