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Balor (SCIV)
Wielder Zasalamel
Weapon type Death Scythe
Price 7,000 Gold
Attack 130
Defense 35
HP 45
Power 40
Impact 30
Boost 40
Gauge 0
Special 0]
Native skill None
Balor (SCIII)
Wielder Zasalamel
Weapon type Death Scythe
Price 26,200 Gold
Special Effect #1 Increase weapon reach.
Special Effect #2 Increase attack pushback force.

Balor is one of Zasalamel's weapons in Soulcalibur IV. It can be bought in Character Creation for 7,000 Gold after completing Story Mode with Zasalamel.


  • A Balor (Originally derived from the Tolkien Balrog) is a demon in Dungeons and Dragons. They are most famous for their vorpal swords, which may randomly behead opponents.
  • Alternately, the weapon could be named for Balor of Irish mythology, a Fomorian chieftain with a magical eye whose gaze could kill (or, alternately, manifested as an actual beam of killing light).

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