The Assassin discipline is one of the many weapon sets available for custom characters and NPCs in Chronicles of the Sword mode in Soul Calibur III. Soul of Lizardman is available only to Assassins.

"A hired killer who stalks the night. Willing to take a friends life for the price. The sheer artistry of the killings will enthrall even the intended targets."

It is noted that the Assassin is the most agile of all other disciplines with the Sword Master coming as a close second.

Battle Styles Available to Assassins

Assassins of Importance

Stats of Assassin

  • LV: 1
    Assassin's Card (CotS)
  • EXP: 0/300
  • HP: 241
  • STR: 105
  • VIT: 91
  • AGI: 111

  • LV: 36
  • EXP: 22950/24350
  • HP: 328
  • STR: 156
  • VIT: 129
  • AGI: 153

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