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The Announcer is a referee that tells the player when the battle will start, declaring the winner and more. Depending on which game is played, the voice changes.


  • Battle (number), Fight!
  • K.O.!
  • Stage Complete!
  • Perfect
  • Excellent
  • Ring Out!
  • Mission Accomplished
  • Mission Failed
  • Stage Failed

The Announcer has also been referred to as the Narrator, who before and sometimes after has said various quotes, related to the games warrior spirit and history.

Announcer/Narrator Quotes

  • Transcending history and the world, a tale of souls and swords, eternally retold
  • A warrior desires a sword, and a sword desires truth
  • Power without idea isn't justice
  • The sword's flame will devour all desire
  • Slashing through the shadows, she defeats the evils that lurk behind history
  • If the love for her family is power, then no one is stronger
  • The last man standing is the winner
  • The legend will never die
  • The grueling battle ended with the victory of (character name)
  • (character name) stood it again against an impossible enemy
  • This victory strengthens the soul of (character name)
  • (character name) is defeated, but the souls still burn

Voice Actors

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