Ammon (アモン Amon) is the boss character in the Ammon Temple in Egypt in Soulcalibur Legends. He is one of the guardians, who is resurrected by the Evil Seed. When he is defeated, Soul Edge will receive its 2nd shard.


These are the skills Ammon uses:

  • Three flamethrowers in the ground. Ammon creates 3 trails of fire, this makes it difficult to get near Ammon.
  • Laser Eyebeam, the first move he uses while the player fights the monsters in his room. He also uses this in battle to damage the player if he is in front of him.
  • Groundpound, the most used attack by Ammon. He rises a little bit and smashes the ground, damaging nearby players. When you see him slowly rising, JUMP!, or you will get hurt.

When he throw his sarcophagus away, he now can throw fireballs. The best way to avoid it is running to the sides, but you can defend them.

Occasionally, When Ammon is still with his Sarcophagus, he will open, this is the time to attack!

Chara ammon



  • He is the first boss in the Co-op stage where you fight all the bosses.
  • In his final stage, Astaroth obtains his third weapon.

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