A high-ranked officer of Halteese and one of the few survivors of Maletta's assault on the Halteese capital of Epistema. She tried her best to fend off the Malettan forces until the Cadet saved her. In gratitude for his/her help, she decided to join his/her troops in its battle against Maletta and Dalkia. A year later she aided the Cadet in his/her rebellion against Strife and helped to take down Aeolos and free her former comrades.

Chronicle 17


She uses the weapons common to the Samurai style - Sickle

Create a Soul formula SCIII

Name: Ailian
Ailian of Halteese

Sex: Female

Job: Samurai

Weapon: Sickle (1)

Alignment: Evil/Light

Face: 08

Eyebrows: 02, 25

Lips: 02, 16

Eyes: 16, 24

Skin: 04, 17

Underwear: 01, 18

Voice: Girl 1



Hair: Straight Short (02, 25)



Lower Torso: Leather Corset (20, 24)

Mid Torso: Priest's Robe (25, 25) (11, 09)

Upper Torso: Full Body Armor (24, 06)

Arms: Fencer Braces (23, 09) (27, 26)

Shoulders: Ogre Shoulders (11, 13) (09, 14)

Neck: Ragged Cape (20, 26)

Waist: Leather Body Band (23, 06)

Lower Legs:--

Upper Legs: Tied Pants (11, 13) (02, 21)



Feet: Metal Boots (24, 09)

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