A higher-ranking officer of Grandall, he was in charge of the platoon set in the outskirts of Grandall. He was assigned the Cadet's old troops. When the Arthias Rebels were advanced towards the capital to confront Strife, he tried to stop them. Since his forces refused to engage Arthias, he used fragments of Soul Edge, which were sent by Emperor Strife, as a "present" to control them. But despite his tricks, he's eventually defeated. He is taller than most other units in the game, and in battle he is clearly much taller than the player.

In Soulcalibur IV he appears in Tower of lost souls both ascend & descend modes but in ascend mode he is under the floor "Time To Trifle" and using Yun-seong's style.


He uses the weapons common to the Saint style - Steel Fan

Create a Soul formula SCIII

Name: Aeolos

Sex: Male

Job: Saint

Weapon: Steel Fan (3)

Alignment: Evil/Dark

True Alignment:--

Face: 06

Eyebrows: 05, 25

Lips: 03, 05

Eyes: 20, 03

Skin: 04, 17

Underwear: 01, 18

Voice: Young Man 2

True Voice:--


Head: Unholy Helm (01, 27)

Hair: Bald (11, 15)



Lower Torso:--

Mid Torso: Lord's Tunic (01, 19)

Upper Torso: Demonic Armor (02, 18)

Arms: Unholy Gloves (01, 27)

Shoulders: Evil Shoulders (02, 20)

Neck: Paladin's Cape (05, 05)


Lower Legs:--

Upper Legs: Slacks (01, 19)



Feet: Evil Leg Armor (01, 27)

Soul Calibur IV Skills & Details

Skills: Soul Gauge Boost S

HP Drain S

Ascend Mode Floor: Time To Trifle

Partners: Fenvil & Jarvis

Fighting Style: Yun-seong

Weapon: Giant Butcher Knife

Descend Mode: 4-further.

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