A strong willed girl of the Klessirpemdo who used the Iron Sword, Brutal Terra. Her nickname was the "Earth of Foundation".


Aege as she appears in Chronicles of the Sword


Underground Buddhist Sanctum (Taki's stage)

This stage is home to her final battle. Aege's title, (the Earth of foundation) is hone to her due to the temple being situated underground. This stage comes with a familiar effect, earthquake is where the narrator will countdown from three, more noticeable is the screen will begin to shake, if the player does not jump or crouch and guard when the countdown ends, they will be interrupted and placed in a costly stagger--leaving the player defenseless for a few seconds.

Create a Soul formula SCIII

Name: Aege

Sex: Female

Job: Pirate

Weapon: Iron Sword (4)

Alignment: Good/Light

True Alignment: Good/Dark

Face: 01

Eyebrows: 19, 26

Lips: 04, 18

Eyes: 01, 27

Skin: 04,16

Underwear: 01,18

Voice: Girl 2

True Voice:--



Hair: High/Short Pigtails (19, 26) (02,19)



Lower Torso:--

Mid Torso: Pirate's Shirt (20,19)

Upper Torso: Breastplate (01, 19)

Arms: Dancer's Bracelets (33, 24)

Shoulders: Barbarian Pads (01, 19)


Waist: Sage's Belt (33, 24) (20, 25)

Lower Legs:--

Upper Legs: Leather Hose (01,17)



Feet: Pirate's Boots (26, 25)


It is possibly to create Aege in Soul Calibur V.


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