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New Tab Template leading to Subpages.

As some of you may know, I have made a new Template. This Template essentianlly links to subpages on articles. For example, I have edited Yoshimitsu's Page to use this Template. Please tell me your thoughts on this. Should we keep the page like that? Or change in back to having three separate pages? I like this better, as it's one search result (simply searching "Yoshimitsu") but it allows the pages for Yoshimitsu I and II to be on that article.

Also, should we make this change to Nightmare, and Astaroth? And maybe even to Pyrrha and Patroklos' pages? To add Omega and Alpha on their articles? Let me know your thoughts! Thanks!

EDIT: If you disagree with this decision please don't go and edit Yoshimitsu's page back to the way it was. Leave it until the Community decides what they would rather have. Thanks! :)

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The tabber should be added to these pages because it seems as if making an extra page for a character of the same name is a bit excessive. Int he case of Pyrrha and Pat, they are the same person just alter egos, so a whole new page is, again, excessive


Thank you for your feedback. I agree, I think the pages should be tabbed including Pyrrha/Omega and Patroklos/Alpha!