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The FANDOM review for Soulcalibur 6 is out!

The review gives the game a 3.0/5.

Do you think Bandai Namco may have played it "too safe" when it comes to the next installment in the series? What do you guys think?
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A tale of Souls and Swords eternally be told...

Bandai Namco is READY for Soulcalibur 6. They just released part one of the Soulcalibur documentary called "Souls and Swords".

The video explains the rise of Soulcalibur and gears players up for the release of the next installment in the series on October 19th.
Soulcalibur documentary 'Souls and Swords,' part one - Gematsu
Soulcalibur documentary 'Souls and Swords,' part one - Gematsu Gematsu
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Have any of you guys seen this yet? Holy guacamole.

I'm sure many of you know Inferno has been a boss in other Soulcalibur games, but he will be a playable character in Soulcalibur 6!!
Playable boss character Inferno gets official Soul Calibur 6 gameplay trailer
Playable boss character Inferno gets official Soul Calibur 6 gameplay trailer EventHubs
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If you weren't hype enough already, this review should do the trick :D

It's an opinion piece, but it still has some great information! :D I don't know about you, but I am particularly excited for the lore heavy single player mode. I feel like there is so much content in Soulcalibur 6.
Soul Calibur 6 PREVIEW: A real return to form with robust single-player and great netcode
Soul Calibur 6 PREVIEW: A real return to form with robust single-player and great netcode
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My do's and dont's for 6

1. Keep both swords evil. The Soul Series was one of many parts of my life that showed me that good and evil(in my opinion) are merely points of view, and that good can go too far. And I think challenging this concept can help humanity evolve more and think more critically. So, by having both swords as antagonists, it will make the conflict much more interesting then simple good vs evil. I'd even accept this if Soul Calibur was only revealed to be evil at the very end.

2. Have a campaign that is more than just move from one fight to the next. Say what you want about 5's campaign, but at least that tried to tell a story between it's fights. Have characters evolve, adapt, and do whatever their character requires them to do.


1. Don't give Sophetia a miscarriage. Giving Sophetia a miscarriage would have no other purpose than to satisfy very angry and emotional SC fans, it would not give her development, nor move the story along. I don't care how badly her children were received, a mother suffering a miscarriage is not anything you should celebrate. If the whole thing is a reboot, rewrite Patrokolos and Pyrrha with new personalities.

2. Don't make the conflict black and white. As I've mentioned above, I think keeping both swords evil intensifies the conflict and doesn't baby things for gamers. I was brought into SC via SC4 when the lines between light and dark, good and evil began to gray, and SC, along with other elements in my life including maturing, and reading and watching other stories and games that challenged good vs evil changed my life, and I'd hate to see SC go too far back to a more primitive stage.
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How do I talk to the creators of Soul Calibur??
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The next characters to be revealed got leaked and real reason why Tira is DLC.

Im so hyped for this game and it needs all the support and love it can get, also can't wait for Cervantes, Lizardman, Inferno, Hwang and Raphael, because they where leaked to be next.

Aside from Cervantes, I can't wait for Inferno and I hear he will be playable in you beat story mode and I I would love it if he had a overhauled moveset like Unknown from Tekken Tag 2 and im guessing he's the Final boss of Story, while Azwel is for Libra.

Also here is the REAL REASON why Tira is DLC to help people understand and its very insightful too.
[Kayane @ gamescom 2018] Interview with Motohiro Okubo, Producer on Soul Calibur VI
[Kayane @ gamescom 2018] Interview with Motohiro Okubo, Producer on Soul Calibur VI
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SCVI timeline

it's not a rebooted timeline, folks. It's been confirmed that this game is revisiting the events of the original games, in the original timeline.
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Characters you want in Soul Calibur 6

What characters do you want to appear in Soul Calibur 6?
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Inferno and Elysium as bosses.

In my personal opinion, I think that both Inferno and Elysium need to be bosses in character story modes in SC. That way, different characters face different bosses like in III and IV.

In terms of phases, I think it should go like this. For Soul Edge
1. Nightmare
2. Night Terror
3. Inferno

Soul Calibur
1. Siegfried or Xianghua, depending on who's weilding Soul Calibur in the current timeline
2. Possessed Siegfried or Xianghua
3. Elysium
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The Soul Swords vs the One Ring

As I've mentioned several times, I've always found the Soul Swords to be very similar to the One Ring from Lord of the Rings. All three of them are tricksy, have minds of their own, and put ideas into people's heads like "I'm a mighty weapon, I'm a tool to reshape the world and don't you look like the best person to wield me?" Of course their promises are all lies and what they really want is to trick people into picking them up so they can use them.

But which of these three corruptible objects is the MOST tricksy? Which does the best job at manipulating and corrupting people? If all three objects were in a room, and some unlucky human walked in and all three began to work their tricks, which would be successful?
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The general Anime thread

Come here to discuss your favorite/leas favorite anime, or anything else related to anime.
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Discord Server

Hey everyone,
This is just a short message to let all users know that we now have a Discord Server. This server has completely replaced the Wiki "Chat" feature, so that will no longer be available.
You do need a Discord account in order to chat in the server (don't worry, Discord is 100% free of charge). You can chat on Discord by clicking the "Connect" button on the right hand side of the Wiki under the "Discord" widget.
This will open a new page in your browser where you will be prompted to join the room (or make a new account if you do not have one). You can also download the app on your PC or your Smartphone device so you can chat with other members of the wiki on the go.
I hope you enjoy this new feature!
Thank you!

ColColtonwall • blog
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New Character Ideas for Soulcalibur VI

Any new characters after Groh yet? What about weapons that have not appeared in the series? Like sais? Kusarigama? Kamas?
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soul edge and soul calibur powers

what are soul edge and soul caliburs powers
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Soul Calibur reference in RWBY.

Has anyone watched RWBY? Well there's Volume 5 episode 13 and it's a battle between Raven Branwen and Cinder Fall.
Now we know Cinder is the fall maiden and Raven reveals that she's the real spring maiden right?
And get this they are both villains but end up fighting each other and something happened, Cinder forged Soul Edge while Raven did Soul Calibur and it got epic.
But one question. Why would Soul Calibur pick a villain like Raven Branwen?
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Soulcalibur VI - Voice Cast Speculation

Come here to discuss who you think is the voice actor of each character in Soulcalibur VI.
Solely making this thread as users keep posting their speculation for voice actors on character pages or the SCVI page and it's clogging up the comments section to the extent of spam. Please post your voice cast speculation here, do not post on the respective pages!
Thank you!
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Why didn't Nintendo allow Link to be in ether Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 version of Soul Calibur 2 HD Online?

Hey there. You know I don't know the reason why Link is not in both PS3 and Xbox 360 version of Soul Calibur 2 HD online.
Nintendo let Phillips CD-I have Mario game and Zelda before so why don't they let Namco have Link in PS3 and Xbox 360 Soul Calibur 2?
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Soulcalibur VI - New Timeline Categories

Hi everyone!
Due to the fact that Soulcalibur VI takes place in a new timeline, anything related to the new timeline (characters, stages) should be categorised correctly.
The easiest way we have decided to do this is to categorize the pages by adding "NT" (New Timeline) in front of different categories. For example, a character that appears in the new timeline will have this category on their page:
NT Characters
So, please be sure to add NT in front of "usual" categories so we can separate information from the original timeline and the new one.
Other categories would include;

NT Males
NT Females
NT Swordsman Characters
You get the idea.
Thank you!

ColColtonwall • blog
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Canon or Fanon?

Many users of Soulcalibur Wiki have their own original characters.Sometimes it's not limited to just a creation of page with a brief description, but are write entire stories.
And I had a question:Let's imagine, that Namco Bandai developers decided to add one of these original characters to the game.Will the original character still be considered as a fanon or will become a canon?Yes, if the character is simply added to a "quick match/mission mode" with random fighters, it will not to do a canonical (or not?).But, if developers let the character take a small, but a plot role?In this case the character will automatically become a canonical.Will it remain "UserName:FanChar" or will acquire its official page?And then can the creator/author of this character be able to make a changes to this page at his will - change the image, data and story of the character?Or will the author lose his rights, and the original character has to pass to the developer?
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